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We invite you to volunteer your expertise and become involved in an AG2PI activity to advance G2P research across the globe and build a stronger G2P community. We welcome your expertise to lead a training workshop, field day or serve as an ad hoc seed grant reviewer. Here's how you can be involved in each:

  • Field days: Organize a field day during which you will share research methods, approaches, and capacities that can advance G2P research or community building. This may also include topics such as identifying research gaps and challenges. You would work with Jack Dekkers to create, schedule and lead the field day.
  • Training workshops: Organize a workshop around a topic you feel would benefit the G2P community. Topics can span best practices, building common vocabularies, experimentation techniques, and statistical analyses, to name a few. This can be a topic on which you have expertise or for which you know someone who would be willing to share their expertise. You would work with Eric Lyons to create, schedule and lead the workshop.
  • Conferences: Work with the conference sub-committee to plan a yearly conference. This may involve helping conduct/analyze surveys that gauge interest in conference topics, organizing a conference session, or helping to organize virtual and face-to-face meetings. You may also be asked to help raise funds for student travel. You would work with Chris Tuggle and may be asked to chair a session or help write a white paper assessing the conference experience.
  • Ad hoc seed grant committee: Volunteer to review seed grants that align with your expertise. You will only be asked to review grant applications that are aligned with your own skillset, as detailed by you in the volunteer form below. We have procedures in place to manage conflicts of interest so participation on the committee does not preclude eligibility for your own seed grant award, should you apply. You will be contacted by Jennifer Clarke if selected for a seed grant review.

We invite individuals from any country to get involved with AG2PI. Due to restrictions on US federal funding, the seed grants are not available to international applicants; however, we value the expertise of our international colleagues and encourage everyone to share their knowledge, skills and ideas with the G2P community by getting involved in AG2PI's many activities.

Please note that all participants and volunteers in AG2PI activities are required to follow the community philosophy that is laid out in the Code of Conduct.

You may use the form below to submit a formal request to volunteer for AG2PI. In submitting this form, you will be added to all AG2PI mailing lists; however, you can opt out of any mailing list at any time.