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Dr. Chris Tuggle
2024 Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG31)
Beyond the National Plant Genome Initiative: New Frontiers and Grand Challenges in Plant Genomics
Building the Tools to Solve the Genome to Phenome Puzzle in Agriculture
January 14, 2024
Dr. Chris Tuggle
2023 International Symposium
Smart Livestock Farming and Microbiome for Carbon Neutrality
The View from the United States on Developing for Resources for Agricultural Genomics and Phenomics
October 13, 2023
Dr. Chris Tuggle
ASAS Midwest Section 2023 Meeting
Building the Tools to Solve the Genome to Phenome Puzzle in Agriculture
March 12-15, 2023
Dr. Brenda Murdoch
Cattle/Sheep/Goat Workshop I
The International 30th Plant & Genome Conference
The Agricultural Genomes 2 Phenomes Initiative
January 14, 2023
Dr. Jack Dekkers
Animala Breeding and Genetics Seminar
Department of Animal Sciences - Iowa State University
The Agricultural Genomes 2 Phenomes Initiative and the Use of Encryption to Enable Sharing of Sensitive Data for Publication and Other Purposes
November 11, 2011
1:10 PM (US Central)
Dr. Jennifer Clarke
RFD TV and Rural Radio Interview
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A new research effort, the USDA Agricultural Genome to Phenome Project, brings together researchers from multiple institutions to better understand how a plant's or animal's genes affect its physical traits. Jennifer Clarke, director of the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative talks live with RFD-TV August 3, 2021.

Watch Interview:
Dr. Jennifer Clarke
Outreach Event Sponsored by Global Bioeconomy Summit
in Science and Innovation: Transforming Agriculture workshop
Perspectives on Digitization of United States Agriculture
November 18, 2020
09:00 - 10:00 AM (US Central)
Watch Presentation Recording (Presentation starts at 19:25 mark)