Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with AG2PI. You can get involved as an individual, stakeholder organization, partner organization, external project partner, or global engagement organization.

To get involved as an individual, we invite you to volunteer your expertise, join our mailing lists or ask a question. By volunteering your expertise in an AG2PI activity you can help advance Genome-to-Phenome (G2P) research across the globe and build a stronger G2P community. We welcome your expertise to lead a training workshop, field day or serve as an ad hoc seed grant reviewer. By joining our mailing list, we can keep you up-to-date on upcoming events, activities and opportunities. You can send us your questions, comments and concerns through our Contact Us page; through this page, you can also send us information on upcoming community events that we can share on our Community Events page.

We invite individuals from any country to get involved with AG2PI. Due to restrictions on US federal funding, the seed grants are not available to international applicants; however, we value the expertise of our international colleagues and encourage everyone to share their knowledge, skills and ideas with the G2P community by getting involved in AG2PI's many activities.

To get involved as an organization, please visit the Institutional Involvement page. We invite applications for new Stakeholder Organizations, Partner Organizations, External Project Partners, and Global Engagement Organizations; each has a different set of expectations that are detailed within the applications.

Not sure which membership is right for your organization? Consider these definitions:

  • Stakeholder Organizations are those who offer memberships and do not produce research although they may fund research projects; typically, this is a commodity group, NGO or scientific society/organization.
  • Partner Organizations are those who offer memberships and may produce research or fund research projects; this may be a consortium of research-producing groups or a governmental organization.
  • External Project Partners are externally funded, research-producing groups that do not offer memberships; typically, this is a small group of scientists funded for a short period of time.
  • Global Engagement Organizations are partner organizations that are based in or represent an international membership or location.

No matter how you choose to get involved, we ask that you follow our community philosophy as laid out in the Code of Conduct.